Gamma Therapeutics, One of Oregon’s Leading Early Stage Ventures

Gamma Therapeutics Named One of Oregon’s Leading Early Stage Development Ventures by Oregon Entrepreneur and Investment Community

October 18, 2011–Portland, Oregon-Gamma Therapeutics, Inc., an Oregon biotechnology venture developing cardiovascular disease diagnostic tests, surgical therapy and military medicine solutions, announced today that it was named a Finalist in the Oregon Entrepreneur Network’s (OEN) 18th Annual Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards honoring venture companies. For the past 18 years, Oregon entrepreneurs, business leaders and the investment community have honored the work of venture start-ups and growth companies by recognizing the work of founders and executives in growing their companies. Tom Holce, a pioneering Oregon technology entrepreneur and business leader believed strongly in the entrepreneurial spirit. Upon his death in 2010, the OEN established the Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards, which honor Oregon companies in the categories of Development Stage, Working Capital Stage and Growth Stage. Nine Oregon companies, including Gamma Therapeutics, were awarded entrepreneurship honors in these categories.

According to Brenda Meltebeke, of Portland’s Ater Wynne Law Firm and chair of the 2011 OEN Tom Holce Awards, “It’s been a challenging year for companies given the economy. The finalists for the OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards demonstrate the creativity and determination required of businesses to succeed in the face of such odds.”

Gamma Therapeutics Honored as Development Stage Venture. Incorporated in 2009 and launched in 2010 with a $1.5 M National Institutes of Health (NIH) Small Business Innovation Research Grant (SBIR), Gamma Therapeutics’s flagship product, the GammaCoeur™ CVD Risk Assay, is a novel cardiac biomarker that gives physicians a better predictive and prognostic tool for assessing heart attack and stroke risk in their patients. New health care reform laws are placing a higher premium on diagnostic testing and preventative care medicine to avoid costly drug treatment regimens and invasive cardiac surgery.  Gamma Therapeutics supports this initiative. In September, Gamma Therapeutics presented its GammaCoeur Assay to the FDA’s Office of InVitro Diagnostic Devices (OIVD) and, after completion of BETA testing in the Winter, 2012, the company hopes to receive FDA clearance in late 2012 to launch sales of the product to clinical diagnostic laboratories.

“On behalf of Dr. David H. Farrell, our Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Gamma Therapeutics is honored to be recognized as a fast growing and successful Oregon venture developing innovative products based upon human compatible proteins,“ commented David F. Eastman, chief executive officer. “Dr. Farrell and I are passionate about bringing new medical devices to market that will enhance healthcare delivery and the quality of life for thousands of people who are at risk of cardiac disease or undergoing surgical therapy.”

In addition to the GammaCoeur CVD Risk Assay, Gamma Therapeutics is developing two patented products for surgical therapy applications: GammaSeal™, a high tensile strength, biocompatible surgical  sealant to assist surgeons in trauma surgery, wound repair and tissue regeneration, and; Gammarin™, a short-acting, non-immunogenic, anti-coagulant blood thinner for control of venous thromboembolism during and after surgery. In addition, Gamma Therapeutics is developing GammaTF™, a new patent-pending fast-clotting hemostatic dressing to address warfighter hemorrhaging problems on the battlefield.

About Gamma Therapeutics, Inc.

Gamma Therapeutics is an early stage biotechnology venture developing a novel class of CVD diagnostic risk assays, anticoagulant blood thinners, hemostatic dressings and trauma surgery solutions based upon natural human proteins responsible for the clotting mechanisms in blood.  Gamma Therapeutics’ corporate offices and laboratory are headquartered at 2611 SW Third Avenue, Suite 280N, Portland, Oregon 97201. For more information, go to the website at:

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