Gamma Therapeutics’s Founder Awarded U.S. Patent

Gamma Therapeutics’s Founder Awarded U.S. Patent for Novel GammaSeal Surgical Incision and Wound Closure Sealant

July 7, 2011–Portland, Oregon-Gamma Therapeutics, Inc., an Oregon early stage biotechnology venture developing CVD diagnostic tests, surgical therapy and military medicine solutions, announced today that its founder, Dr. David H. Farrell, has been awarded a full U.S Patent (#11/955,080) for its novel GammaSeal™ Surgical Incision and Wound Closure Sealant. GammaSeal is in product development by Gamma Therapeutics under an exclusive license from the Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon. GammaSeal is comprised of a naturally occurring protein in blood called Gamma Prime Fibrinogen, and when combined with human thrombin is designed to be a more biocompatible, structurally stronger sealant than commercially-available sealants on the market today. After FDA approval, customers for the sealant will include physicians and surgeons in trauma, vascular, organ and cosmetic surgery, emergency response and combat casualty care.

Closure Devices are Problematic. Closure methods in use today employ stitches, staples, bandages and sealants generally made of glues and other artificial adhesives, with the goal of stemming the flow of blood and sealing the incision or wound long enough for natural clotting and tissue regeneration to begin. Affected areas are normally weak for a long period of time, not reaching pre-injury or surgery strength for 6-8 weeks. Some injectable or spray-on-sealants degrade quickly following enzymatic breakdown by the body while others have potentially serious contraindications.

According to Dr. Farrell, Founder and CSO of Gamma Therapeutics, “The stronger fibers and degradation-resistant features of GammaSeal offer a range of benefits that set it apart from other sealants, including a high level of structural strength and the ability to withstand increased blood flows at the wound or surgical site. More importantly, its biocompatibility with the human body allows for strong site integrity, natural healing and regeneration of tissue without the contraindications seen with artificial sealant materials”.

GammaSeal Employs Recombinant Biologic Materials. Like all Gamma Therapeutics’ products, GammaSeal is based upon a natural clotting protein in human blood called Gamma Prime (γ’) Fibrinogen. Gamma Prime Fibrinogen has several biochemical and biophysical properties that distinguish it from more common γA isoform. Clots made from fibrinogen containing gamma prime chains in the presence of factor XIIIa, a key factor in the body’s clotting mechanism, are highly resistant to breakdown. The gamma prime chain contains a binding site for thrombin and the fibers themselves are thinner, but denser and structurally stronger than normal fibrinogen. GammaSeal will be delivered as a medical device, comprised of a two-part syringe applicator employing a recombinant Gamma Prime Fibrinogen sealant and a recombinant human thrombin catalyst, allowing for the sealant to be sprayed or dripped onto trauma wounds, surgical incisions or damaged internal organs for closure, healing and tissue regeneration.

Global Industry Analysts, Inc., (GIA) a life science and biotechnology analyst firm, reports that the global surgical incision closures market is expected to exceed US $7.7 Billion by 2015, driven by the steady rise in surgical procedures, particularly in developing countries. GIA further stated that, “advanced wound closure technologies, which include tissue sealants, hemostats, adhesives and adhesion prevention products are anticipated to generate attractive business opportunities due to enhanced safety provided by these products”.

“Gamma Therapeutics hopes to complete prototype development of GammaSeal over the Summer, 2011, submit a premarket application to the FDA and then begin preclinical testing in the late Fall,” states Chief Executive Officer David Eastman,“GammaSeal already has received early interest from a leading pharmaceutical company, and the U.S. military sees applications for it in combat casualty care when warfighters are transferred to definitive surgical care”.

Other patented and patent-pending products under development at Gamma Therapeutics include: GammaCoeur™, a CVD risk diagnostic assay; Gammarin™, an anti-coagulant blood thinner for control of venous thromboembolism (VTE), and; GammaTF™, a new fast-clotting hemostatic dressing for emergency response.

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