Gamma Therapeutics to Present GammaCoeur CVD Risk Assay

Gamma Therapeutics to Present GammaCoeur CVD Risk Assay

Risk Assay at Premier Oak Ridge Conference in San Jose, CA, April 18 & 19.

April 17, 2012–Portland, Oregon-Gamma Therapeutics (GT), an Oregon early-stage biotechnology venture developing solutions for cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk assessment, surgical therapy and combat casualty care, announced today that Dr. David H. Farrell, Chief Scientific Officer, and Dr. Jon Oberdorf, Senior Assay Scientist will present their scientific research and product development of a novel CVD risk assay, branded GammaCoeur,™ at the 44th Annual Oak Ridge Conference in San Jose, California, April 18 & 19, 2012. Oak Ridge is the American Association for Clinical Chemistry’s (AACC) annual forum for pre-commercial, emerging clinical diagnostic technologies and is firmly established as the premier forum for next generation clinical diagnostic developers. Drs. Farrell and Oberdorf will present their abstract titled, “A Fluorescent Microsphere Immunoassay for Gamma Prime (γ’) Fibrinogen as a Novel Risk Assessment Aid for Chronic Inflammation and

Cardiovascular Risk(1).” Gamma Prime Fibrinogen is a minor splice isoform of fibrinogen that constitutes approximately 7% of total fibrinogen, and forms fibrin clots with an altered clot architecture that is resistant to fibrinolysis. Consequently, elevated levels of Gamma Prime Fibrinogen, independent of total fibrinogen, have been strongly correlated in a host of studies(2,3,4) with increased odds of cardiovascular disease, including heart attack and stroke. Although total fibrinogen tests are in use today for assessing cardiac risk, no commercially-available assay for Gamma Prime Fibrinogen exists, making the GammaCoeur CVD Risk Assay the first entry in the fast growing cardiac diagnostic test market.

According to Dr. Farrell, “We believe GammaCoeur one day will become a cardiac biomarker assay of choice for physicians, along with traditional diagnostic tests, to assist them in better predicting cardiac events and implementing preventative care programs to treat patient disease before costly drug regimens and invasive cardiac surgery are required.”

GammaCoeur CVD Risk Diagnostic Assay Platforms. Introduction of GammaCoeur as a microsphere-based immunoassay at the Oak Ridge Conference illustrates one of several diagnostic assay platforms planned for the product. GammaCoeur also is in development on an automated ELISA platform, submitted to the FDA Office of In Vitro Diagnostic Devices and Evaluation (OIVD) as part of the 510 (k) FDA medical device regulatory process and with a projected clearance date of Fall, 2012. Two other planned platforms include an automated turbidimetric assay and lateral flow assay for point-of-care devices.

About Gamma Therapeutics, Inc.

Gamma Therapeutics (GT) is an Oregon early stage biotechnology venture developing solutions for cardiovascular disease risk assessment, surgical therapy and combat casualty care and funded with a 3-year, $1.56 M NIH/SBIRgrant for the development of the GammaCoeur CVD Risk Assay. Patented and patent-pending products under development include the GammaCoeur™ CVD Risk Assay, GammaSeal™ Surgical Incision and Wound Closure Sealant, Gammarin™ Anticoagulant Blood Thinner, GammaTF™ Warfighter Hemostatic Dressing, and GammaMist™ Blood Clotting Bypass Device. The company is headquartered at: 2611 SW Third Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97201. For more information, go to:

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Oak Ridge Conference Abstract Reference:

  1. A fluorescent microsphere immunoassay for γ‘ fibrinogen as a novel risk assessment aid for chronic inflammation and cardiovascular risk. Oberdorf JA, Alexander, KS, Kazmierczak SC, Farrell DH, Gamma Therapeutics, Inc., Portland, OR, and Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR.

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